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If you wish to enhance your appearance, Global Laser Cosmetics is the ideal location for all of your facial aesthetic needs. Since establishing the practice over 10 years ago, our talented and experienced staff has helped to improve the look and self-confidence for over 50,000 patients in Southern California. Depending on your individual circumstances, our cosmetic laser procedures can be a safe and reliable treatment option to remove unwanted and undesirable facial hair, body hair, or varicose (spider) veins. In most cases, our cosmetic laser services are relatively painless, and patients regularly comment that the laser only feels similar to the snap from a rubber band.

Global Laser Cosmetics is the premier site for laser and minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements in San Diego and in the Southern California.

We invite you to improve the quality of your life by consulting with us regarding which procedure is best suited for your individual needs. Some of the procedures we specialize in are:

Since our establishment in 2002 our primary goal has been to provide our patients with the latest and the most advanced personalized care, while creating a beautiful and natural look that turns dreams into reality.

This website was designed with you in mind.  The information on this site is another means of providing our patients with relevant information to help them make informed decisions.  We genuinely hope that through this site you will discover more about our practice and the many cosmetic procedures available to you. Furthermore, we hope that you will have your questions answered thoroughly and to your satisfaction.

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