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It’s time to bring back your youthful beauty with VolumaLift™, Global Laser Cosmetic’s newest, 30 minute, injectable Voluma® facelift treatment! VolumaLift™, also known as the “Liquid Lift,” is a procedure that replaces soft tissue that has been lost during the natural aging process, weight loss or exercise and helps to bring back facial volume resulting in a more youthful, lively appearance. This non-surgical, injectable Voluma® facelift procedure produces a “rested” and “lifted” look every time.

How is VolumaLift™ performed?

Dr. Yaghouti will take an injectable gel product, (Juvederm® Voluma®, Resylane®, Sculptra®, etc.) and inject a desired amount, depending on the patient’s individual needs, into the specific fat buttress region of the face. This will then restore the 3 dimensional structure to the soft tissue, resulting in filling, plumping and lifting the facial skin.

Juvederm Voluma XC for face-lift

Figure 1. Juvederm® Voluma is used to perform VolumaLift™.  Several injectable gels may be used to perform VolumaLift™, however, Dr. Yaghouti may choose this Hyaluronic Acid sugar dermal filler, based upon a patient’s individual needs. Juvederm® Voluma is long lasting and a great soft tissue filler.

What areas can be treated with VolumaLift™?

The areas that are generally injected during a patient’s VolumaLift™ treatment include:

  • The area above the brows and into the temporal hollows
  • Hollows in temples
  • The area under the eyes where deflation and aging has occurred
  • Cheekbones, and along the cheek arch
  • Along the jawline and mandibular border to minimize jowls
  • Around the month, known as smile lines and marionette lines

After VolumaLift™ has been performed on a patient, Dr. Yahgouti likes to combine the treatment with a fractional laser treatment, BOTOX® and a Pearl® Fractional treatment. By combining all these treatments, Dr. Yaghouti is able to target volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and unevenness of skin tone, skin damage and age spots. The combination of these procedures tend to take about five to ten years off a patient’s appearance.

What results can I expect after a VolumaLift™ procedure?

After receiving VolumaLift™ treatment, our patients should expect a natural restoration of volume, shape and fullness. The areas that may be treated are cheeks, jawline and brows. After injected, the youthful and attractive contouring shape and look should be achieved. This is a non-surgical procedure, so VolumaLift™ offers amazing results with little downtime and at a far lower cost.

Who is a good candidate for VolumaLift™?

Patients who have noticeable facial volume loss, deflation or sagging facial skin are commonly considered good candidates for this injectable Voluma® facelift treatment. Also, patients who have been wanting a facelift but do not want to undergo surgery are great candidate for VolumaLift™. If an individual fits the description of a good candidate, but is pregnant, has inflammatory lesions, or infective lesions, VolumaLift™ may not be performed. When VolumaLift™ treatment is combined with BOTOX®, Fractional and Fractional Pearls lasers, a patient can look five to ten years younger after treatments.

How long will my results of VolumaLift™ last?

Depending on the product that is used in your procedure, duration of results may vary. During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Yaghouti will discuss which product is best for your individual needs. The duration of your results of VolumaLift™ also depend on other factors such as skin care upkeep and maintenance. This can be achieved by using a proper skincare regiment with anti-aging creams and serums, such as those offered by Obagi® and SkinCeuticals®.

How long is the procedure and what is the downtime?

Once you have completed your complimentary consultation and Dr. Yaghouti has considered you a good candidate for VolumaLift™, the actual injectable facelift procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete. After your treatment, downtime is unpredictable, but very minimal. There will be a degree of bruising, but most patients are able to return to work and their daily activities that same day.

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