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With age, comes change and the older we get the less youthful our skin starts to look. It may start sagging, losing volume and fullness begins to disappear. It’s all a part of our natural aging process. Typically, patients over the age of 21 start to notice these changes and look forward to getting more of their natural, youthful look back. The first most noticeable steps in the aging process usually begin with a lack of volume, mostly in our cheeks and then followed by loss volume in other parts of the face. Collagen production slows, and our cell structures tend to weaken over time, so our skin begins to get a lifeless, saggy appearance. Without our natural collagen staying in place, we lose the strength to various structures of our face and then we experience the malar fat loss and hollowness in our skin. Our clinic offers various treatments in order to keep a youthful and stunning look that make people wonder what your secret is, but don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them! Voluma®, Sculptra®, Radiesse®, Juvederm® and Restylane® are all solutions for a NATURAL way to grow back the lost volume of our skin.

How can Radiesse® help fill in lost facial volume?

Fillers are considered the best ways to improve skin volume loss in the most natural way. Radiesse® is a new and great option to think about when looking to increase facial volume. This treatment, just as our other fillers, is a natural, water-based gel, and it contains small calcium-based microspheres. Radiesse® is a safe and simple solution to add facial volume, and in some cases can last up to a year. Collagen is our main structural protein found beneath our skin, so as we get older we see the loss of elasticity that can cause wrinkles, lines and loss of volume. Juvederm® and Restylane® are other well-known fillers that are meant to help patients get the same results when looking for volume.

What other fillers help with malar fat loss?

Voluma® and Sculptra® are also often two of our most used treatments to assist in reaching a desired goal for your skin. Voluma® and Sculptra® are very much alike in many ways and both are excellent solutions to help fill in your cheeks and restore lost volume. Much like a balloon, over time, our cheeks begin to deflate and lose plumpness. Voluma® gets into the dermal tissue after being injected beneath our skins surface and then binds and attracts water molecules to begin to maintain the volume in our skin. Sculptra® is a stimulator for our collagen and gives us an extra lift for our temples, cheeks and chin. The results you will experience and notice are instant and last anywhere from 18-24 months.

Which filler is right for you?

You may be wondering which filler is right for you and exactly what the difference between each one is. There are several injectables on the market today and it can be challenging to choose the right one, but just like any treatment, we highly suggest that the best way to find out is to speak with one of our specialists in a complimentary consultation. Over time, while the filler is helping rebuild your collagen, our bodies naturally absorb the injectables and later leave behind your body’s natural collagen. So, if you feel like you are ready to make a change and get your loved look back, give us a call and set up your free consultation today!

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