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This innovative laser technology rids your skin of hyperpigmentation from age spots and sun spots, diminishes broken capillaries, and reduces redness caused by Rosacea. IPL Photo facial delivers an even-toned and flawless complexion for people who suffer with these skin issues. Using the latest advanced light-based cosmetic enhancement techniques, Global Laser Cosmetics can improve a range of skin conditions for a more even and healthy skin tone. Intense Pulsed Light therapy (IPL) is an innovative skin care option that improves areas of your skin affected by discoloration and pigmentation. With state-of-the-art IPL Photo facial treatment, our experienced skin care professionals can address conditions such as Rosacea, sun damage, and signs of aging. The IPL Photofacial treatments are virtually painless and provide amazing results!

What is IPL Photofacial?

IPL Photofacial is an abbreviation for Intense Pulsed Light. It is a type of Photo facial treatment that passes broadband light through the skin to rejuvenate it. IPL Photofacial is a popular treatment and has been proven to be an effective and reliable method to get rid of stubborn skin discoloration and spots. IPL Photofacial is a non-surgical procedure that also rids your skin of wrinkles and fine lines targeting particularly on the face. The high-energy broadband light breaks deposits of excess pigments and enhances the production of collagen.

What areas can be treated?

The areas the can be treated with an IPL Photo facial include:

Full Face



How long does the IPL Photo Facial treatment take?

An appointment for an IPL Photo facial treatment can take 30 to 90 minutes. This time-frame depends on the size and complexity of the area to be treated. After each Photofacial treatment, the skin will have a smoother look and feel, and will be more evenly toned. Sunspots start fading while pores become less visible. Wrinkles and fine lines soften over time.

How many IPL Photo Facial treatments are needed?

The improvements continue and are apparent with every IPL Photofacial treatment completed. For optimal results, on average, patients have to undergo three to five Photo facial treatments that are 3-4 weeks apart. Patients typically need three to five months to complete or fulfill a whole IPL Photofacial treatment for the utmost results.

How does an IPL Photo Facial feel?

During the IPL Photofacial treatment the patient may experience some mild discomfort, particularly during the first treatment. Most patients; however, tolerate the removal of age spots, fine lines, and dilated blood vessels with ease. After the first IPL Photofacial treatment the skin will continue to clear, subsequent treatments usually become more and more comfortable. The IPL Photofacial treatments require no anesthesia and patients are able to return to full activities immediately after treatment.

What should you expect after the IPL treatment?

Some minimal redness is typical and should subside within minutes to hours after the IPL Photofacial. Makeup can be used to conceal the redness right after the treatment, but must be applied and removed gently. For age spots and hyperpigmentation treatment, spots may remain dark for a maximum of seven days. The end result of treatment is even toned skin with less redness and decreased flushing, diminished blood vessels, and more balanced pigmentation. Treated skin has a more natural and youthful appearance!

Do IPL Photofacial treatments have any side effects?  

There are mild post-treatment discomforts that follow an IPL Photo facial treatment. Some discomforts may be skin sensitivity and the darkening of spots that were treated. To prevent any further discomforts or side-effects it is recommended to avoid prolonged sun exposure and apply a medical grade sunscreen daily.

What is the downtime?

Patients can resume with their normal daily activities immediately after the treatment session. The great thing about IPL Photofacial treatments is that there is no downtime! Patients can expect some redness that typically diminishes within minutes to hours after the treatment.

How long does the results of the treatment last?

The duration depends on the quantity and duration of sun exposure the skin receives after the treatments. If patients stay in the sun for long periods of time and without proper sunscreen application the underlying tissues of brown spots or redness can return. Keep the skin away from the sun for extended periods of time, wear a broad spectrum SPF 30+, and results will remain consistent. An annual maintenance is always recommended.

How much does an IPL Photo facial cost? 

The amount varies depending on the complexity of treatment, and the area that is being treated. We offer special package pricing that accommodate the patients desired results. When patients first arrive for their IPL Photofacial consultation, the Aesthetician will discuss pricing and planned treatment. The cost for a full series of three to five treatments ranges from patient to patient.

Who is a good candidate for Photofacial?

The best candidates for Photofacial treatments are:

  • Patients who suffer from Rosacea and experience flushing and/or redness of the skin.
  • Patients with early aging concerns and sun damage who desire healthier and more youthful appearing skin.
  • Active patients, who want to improve their skin but do not want to interfere with social or long term avoidance of outdoor activities.
  • Patients who don’t want to take time off to heal from laser resurfacing or chemical peels.
  • Patients suffering from Telangiectasia.
  • Patients suffering from hyperpigmentation/ dark spotting.

What are the advantages of Photofacial over other treatments?

The absence of downtime, scarring, minimal discomfort, ease of treatment, and high degree of patient satisfaction offer a number of advantages over laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels.

What are some major benefits of an IPL Photofacial?

The benefits of intense pulsed light therapy cover almost the entire spectrum of cosmetic dermatology. When performed by a qualified skin care specialist, IPL Photofacial treatment can help nearly all aspects of skin aesthetics and structure.

  • The treatment can help repair small blood vessels that have become visible, or help eradicate sun spots or other pigmentation irregularities.
  • IPL treatment can help combat acne problems and eliminate large pores.
  • IPL Photofacial therapy is also excellent at treating Rosacea and other types of diffuse redness in the skin.
  • By treating a slightly deeper layer of the skin, IPL Photofacials stimulate collagen growth by simulating minor dermal injuries, thereby helping to improve skin texture.
  • The cost of IPL Photofacial treatments is often less than that of laser treatments as well.

Another benefit of IPL Photorejuvenation procedures is that they allow for additional treatment with chemical peelsmicrodermabrasion, and other facial skin treatments that target the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis. Since IPL Photofacials target deeper layers of the skin, they can be safely performed in conjunction with other, more superficial treatments.



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