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Surgical facelifts often come with risks and long a long downtime period, which is why a lot of women and men think twice before undergoing the procedure. What if there was a way to achieve the look of a facelift, without the downtime and risks of surgery? Well now there is! By mixing various lasers, IPL, and RF treatments, patients can now look 10 years younger with a minimally invasive non surgical face lift!

The Natural Aging Process

There are basically three main characteristics as to why we age: deflation, descent and deterioration. Known as the three Ds, these characteristics start to become evident in our 20s. The first D, deflation, refers to the dehydration of the skin, making it seem deflated and holding less volume. As deflation occurs, the skin then starts to descend, the second D, and essentially sag. The last D, deterioration, shows signs of aging with dark spots, wrinkles and spider veins.

A non surgical face lift manages to address all three Ds through a tried and tested process approved by doctors all over the world. Using only the best that technology has to offer, the non surgical face lift procedure is minimally invasive, relatively painless and uses quick techniques that can reverse and repair the signs of aging.

Non Surgical Face lift: How does it work?

There is no single device that can be used for a non surgical facelift. Instead, the doctor will be utilizing several techniques and items for the non surgical facelift, each one specifically designed to target one problem area of the skin. There are basically three applications to the process of a no surgery facelift. Here’s how a no surgery facelift works:

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photofacial –

This is the first process to achieving a non surgical facelift. A non surgical facelift begins with an IPL, the doctor works on the surface layer of the skin, addressing discoloration issues and gently correcting sun and age spots. An IPL also helps to fade spider veins. Dark spots, pigmentations, and other skin tone problems are also addressed through this light therapy. It takes about 2 to 3 Photofacial sessions for the skin to truly improve and the skin tone and texture to become noticeably more even.

Fractional Laser –

Next up to a non surgical facelift is a Factional Laser treatment, which also deals with the outermost layer of the skin, but at the same time addresses the deeper layers as well. This is also known as the dermis, where most of the wrinkles, lines, and macro-pores start forming. By using this laser, the skin is slowly repaired and irregularities are patched up, thus creating a smooth, line-free surface.

How this works is a little untraditional, the Fractional Laser starts by creating micro fractures on the dermis. They are incredibly small and almost nonvisible to the naked eye. The micro fractures, however, are recognized by the immune system, triggering the skin to start repairing itself by essentially filling in the small holes. New collagen is produced and allows the skin to lighten and improves laxity. There is also a gentle heating process that adds to the correction process. Positively charged needle tips are ran on the skin and met by negatively charged bars which produce heat hot enough to soften and tighten the skin, but cool enough to barely be felt. During this phase, HIFU or High Frequency Focused Ultrasound may also be used, which helps boost the tightening results of the process.

Radio Frequency Viora® –

The last phase of a no surgery facelift is done by using Reaction by Viora®. Unlike Fractional, the heating process is more extensive, faster, and the results are more refined. The face is exposed to the heat, specifically the brows, cheeks, jowls, and other parts prone to sagging. The controlled temperature is exposed for around 15-30 minutes, during which time the subcutaneous tissue along with the dermis is realigned with collagen. At the same time, this prompts the creation of new collagen essentially hydrating the skin, lifting the tissue from the bottom and creating a softer, even toned younger looking skin.

Additional Treatments Used in Conjunction with Non Surgical Face lift

Depending on the extent of the lift wanted, patients may add additional treatments into their non surgical facelift. Multiple injectables can be used together to further boost, lift, repair, and refine the skin. The following are some of the injectables that can be used in conjunction with the non surgical facelift:


Possibly the most popular injectable being used today, Botox®, can be used to fill in fine lines and wrinkles when injected in the proper spots of the face.

Juvederm Voluma®

Another popular choice, Juvederm Voluma® is designed to work for up to two years, providing a non surgical facelift. It can be used to help fill in lost volume to the face as well as enhance lips.
* Note that these injectables are typically optional. As it stands, the non surgical facelift treatment already provides ample help in developing a smoother, more hydrated, elastic skin look and feel. Adding injectables are up to the patient.

Non Surgical Face lift: How does the procedure feel?

The process of a non surgical facelift is relatively painless as the doctor will utilize different safety measures to make sure that the skin is well protected. Typically, an anesthetic numbing cream is applied directly on the face and the cream itself can be easily cleaned off after the procedure. Most patients report feeling a bit of pressure and tolerable heat as the laser passes on their skin.

Of course, the skin still reacts after each session. Redness and swelling are to be expected, with minor discomfort a few hours after the no surgery facelift. The swelling is sufficient enough to require no social activities for about 5-7 days after the session. Due to the heat, it is also normal for the skin to darken after the procedure, but this eventually flakes off, and the epidermis becomes clean, even, and bright.

Surgical Vs. Non Surgical

Non Surgical Facelifts do not produce the same level of tightness achieved through surgical means, but very close. The tightening process the non surgical facelift is intense enough to make a marked difference to the face, creating a younger look while at the same time evening the overall color tone of the skin. With little to zero risks, patients do not have to worry about side effects of the procedure.

Non Surgical Candidates

The facelift is recommended for anyone who wants to improve upon sagging skin, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles, without going through the risk of surgery. Thanks to safety of a no surgery facelift, there is no age limit for users over 18 years of age. You can undergo the non surgical facelift in your 50s, 60s or even 70s, as long as a proper evaluation has been done by the doctor prior to the procedure.

Patient Aftercare

Just like other anti-aging regimens, the non surgical facelift needs to be repeated over a period of time to make sure that the skin remains at its best. After the first session of a non surgical facelift, additional sessions should be done every year, the more sessions you receive for a non surgical facelift the less commonly you will need repeat sessions. Each session with non surgical facelift triggers redness and swelling of the facial tissue, which requires a strict daily skin care regimens for about 5-7 days after your non surgical facelift. It is also recommended to protect your new, younger looking skin daily with a proper skin care regiment geared towards your individual, unique skin type. It’s a great idea to consult your doctor for any suggestions when it comes to moisturizers, sun blocks, night creams, cleansers, exfoliants, and various other skin products. Using all these can increase the youthful look and feel of the skin, making sure that you retain your fresh look until the next session draws near.

Non Surgical Face lift Expectations

Although the skin benefits from the first session of your non surgical facelift will start appearing fairly quickly and will be significantly noticeable, you will find that with every session of your non surgical face lift the treatments will continue to improve. The following are some of the effects you can expect after going through the procedure:

  • Less wrinkles become evident, especially around the eyes where wrinkles often form. The notch between the eyebrows also becomes smoother and lines begin to disappear.
  • The cheeks, eyes, brows, jowls, and neck are elevated, effectively lifting the skin and diminishing signs of sagging.
  • Skin tone will become noticeably even and bright. Pigmentation, dark spots and other irregularities soon disappear, leaving a clear and fresh surface. Broken capillaries that are usually evident on the face will also start to disappear with each session.
  • The skin itself becomes smoother and more elastic. This is due to the extensive production of collagen that is triggered during the non surgical facelift process. With all these treatments, the skin becomes more flexible and better capable of absorbing and retaining water resulting in hydrated skin.
  • You get several months to a year of great looking skin which only needs to be maintained once a year, and will get progressively better with each session.

After completing your session you can expect to look years younger than you actually are. Patients who have gone through the procedure found themselves looking at least 8-10 years younger, thanks to the elevated skin and repaired irregularities.

Non Surgical Face lift – A New Face to Anti-Aging

All in all, this procedure is the new way to successively reverse the aging process without undergoing surgery. Aside from the fact that the procedure of a non surgical facelift can work wonders on making the skin look younger and youthful; the risks involved in the process of a non surgical facelift is very minimal. When done by a qualified, certified doctor, this new procedure is extremely safe, and causes minimal discomfort. Unlike surgical facelifts, there are no scars, burning, or any other lasting damage associated with a no surgery facelift.

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