Laser Vein Removal | Before and After Images

Are spider veins preventing you from looking your best? Spider veins could hinder people from reaching their full confidence potential. Many Global Laser Cosmetics patients are raving about their laser vein removal procedure conducted by our registered nurses and doctor. Don’t let spider veins ruin your chance at the red carpet, check out our spider vein before and after images and see for yourself how amazing this procedure is. Laser Vein removal is quick and easy. Laser vein removal can be done on basic areas such as the legs or face, where spider veins are more apparent.

What does a laser vein removal treatment feel like?

Has the question, “what does laser vein removal feel like?” keep you pondering and reluctant to moving forward with the procedure? Don’t let this question prevent you from gaining the many benefits from this procedure. During Laser Vein Removal a pulse of laser light is administered onto the desired area. Patients comment that the pulse of laser light from laser vein removal feels like a small pinch or a snap of a rubber band to the skin. Anesthetics are not typically administered during this procedure, however, a prescription for topical anesthetic may be provided for patients with very sensitive skin. The amount of treatments to obtain ultimate results from laser vein removal depends on the size of the veins. Typically speaking, one to three treatments are needed at six week intervals.

There are many factors that play into the part of creating spider veins, but the most are: hereditary obesity, employment that involves long hours of being on your feet, hormonal influences, use of birth control, history of blood clots and poor blood flow and circulation.

Don’t let those spider veins get the best of you, obtain substantial self-confidence with our laser vein removal procedure. Our images of spider veins before and after will leave you in awe and hopefully persuade you to book a Laser Vein Removal procedure today. Images of spider veins before and after are typically taken after three treatments, for the best results. To schedule your laser vein removal procedure today call 619-243-2444. Have more questions? Don’t be afraid to ask our lovely and helpful staff, who will be more than happy to assist you with any further questions you may have on laser vein removal.

Spider Veins Before and After: Patient One

laser vein removal before and after images


Spider Veins Before and After: Patient 2

spider veins before and after images

Before                                                 After


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