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If you’re experiencing various skin changes such as sunspots, hyperpigmentation or redness then Global Laser Cosmetic’s has the solution for you! A big component in skin damage is not protecting ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays. Living in beautiful San Diego makes it hard to not be a sun lover, but being exposed to too much sun can increase the amount of melanin in our skin and cause degrees of skin damage. Obvious sun damage signs include buildup of brown pigment such as dark patches on the chest as well as many other areas of your body and are most common on adults over the age of 40. Rosacea is also a condition that can occur from sun damage and is very bothersome to people. Our laser technology helps rid your skin of these problems and can improve your skin giving you a more even and healthy tone.

What is an IPL or Photofacial?

Our IPL, or photofacial, treatment is one of the most advanced treatments that we offer today.  IPL’s help rejuvenate the skin by using a particular wavelength that directs light pulses at the pigmented spots and penetrate deep into the skin in order to stimulate our own natural collagen. An ideal candidate has lighter skin that is un-tanned. An IPL can help reduce or remove the appearance of the redness that you have on your chest or face. Depending on an individual’s skin tone and the extent of their pigmented lesions, is how results will be determined. As many as 6 treatments may be necessary for optimal results and each session should be received 4 to 6 weeks apart. During a photofacial treatment the laser is passes over the skin and may cause a slight warming sensation due to the beams of light that are heating and zapping damaged pigmentation.

What results will I see from an IPL?

Several great outcomes can result from having multiple IPL treatments such as improving skin’s elasticity, toning and tightening the skin, a decrease of pore sizes and much more! Over time you will see that your skin has a more even tone and smoother look and feel. Our patients who come in to treat rosacea, will notice a reduction in redness after every treatment they have at Global Laser Cosmetics. Post treatment, you may notice redness of the skin, however, this is temporary and should only last for a few hours, varying between patients. After an IPL treatment, your physician will suggest to stay away from sun exposure for a period of time and to protect your skin, as your skin will be more sensitive than before your session. If you continue to get over exposure from the sun your redness can return. Keeping up on maintenance afterwards is always recommended for long lasting, amazing results!

Who is a good candidate?

Prior to choosing IPL treatments, or nurses and aesthetician will ask you about your skin rejuvenation goals and based on your needs and wants will determine a plan using our photofacial technology. If you are looking for a more youthful appearance and seem to be experiencing redness on your chest or face and have rosacea, then photofacials could be just the answer that you are looking for! Stop by our office at Global Laser Cosmetics and have your free consultation with one of our specialist to find out how many treatments you will need and what you can expect from these series of photofacials.

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