Viora Reaction® for Abdomen

Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening and Body Contouring

There are plenty of factors that occur throughout our years that eventually end up resulting in loss of elasticity, giving us loose skin. Yes, gravity does eventually take its toll. Some of the more well known and common reasons are from pregnancy, weight loss or for the most part from the underlying structure breaking down and taking away our youthful skin and definition, also known as aging. Typically, women over the age of 19 have reported or complained about experiencing cellulite, usually on the abdomen, and all of these women have one thing in common, being embarrassed of that situation! Although these problems can all be annoying, there is a solution! Here at Global Laser Cosmetics, we offer an amazing non-invasive treatment called Viora Reaction®. Viora helps when you are looking to firm sagging skin, body contouring or even if you’re interested in seeing a big difference in cellulite reduction. Viora is a top recommended solution to help reduce these pesky problems. During this process you will see an extreme change in appearance of your skin and enjoy a series of 30-60 minute sessions of non-invasive, life changing treatments.

How does Voria® contour the abdomen?

Radio-frequency and vacuum therapy work together to deliver a safe and effective treatment. The number of treatments recommended vary patient to patient, depending on how many treatments best suits a patient’s needs and what goal or results a patient desires. Your esthetician will be able to determine and establish with you a plan for how many treatments you will need to receive optimal results. For best results, 4-8 treatments is normally the recommended range for cellulite treatments and 3-6 sessions are recommended for skin tightening.

How do Viora treatments feel?

If you’re worried about this procedure being painful, don’t be. The sessions with your esthetician cause very little to no pain! Imagine a handheld vacuum suctioning your stomach gently and adding a little heat. The treatments are comfortably performed by our esthetician with brief pulses of thermal heat connecting to the skin on your abdomen.  Viora Reaction, unlike any other system, is powered by CORE® technology that is comprised of three radio frequencies, targeting problem areas to dermal layers.  After the first treatment you will notice that your skin has a more tighten appearance, but will notice optimal results after 3-8 treatments.

Am I a good candidate?

Viora Reaction® is one of the most highly demanded, non-surgical aesthetic treatments offered. Fat deposits that are beneath our skin give people a dimpled appearance. With Viora’s vacuum therapy you will experience three different processes; mechanical stretch, mechanical massage as well as deep tissue heating. These three processes all help strengthen tissue fibers to improve skin laxity and treat the “cottage cheese” texture or dimpled appearance.  You can consider yourself a good candidate if you are interested in reducing the appearance of your stretch marks, reducing cellulite on your abdomen, tighten any excess skin or to simply give yourself a more youthful appearance. The best way to determine what is suitable for your needs is to come in for a free consultation where you can speak with our esthetician about your goals, so you both can come up with an effective treatment plan for your skin. Our patient’s successful results are both gratifying, rewarding and satisfying.

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