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By offering lip enhancement, San Diego cosmetic laser services, and skin rejuvenation, our team at Global Laser Cosmetics possesses both the experience and training to help provide you with the kind of look you have always desired. Using state-of-the-art laser medical equipment, Global Laser Cosmetics offers treatments for unwanted hair for both men and women, unsightly cappilaries, fine and deep wrinkles, scars, aging spots and pigmentary skin changes, large pores, flushing of the skin, and overall maintenance of a healthy skin.

Cosmetic laser procedures are safe, minimally invasive, and relatively painless. Our staff have performed thousands of procedures and have the highest level of accreditation.

As with any cosmetic procedure there is always a certain degree of risk and uncertainties.  During your consultation we encourage you to ask questions and discuss your concerns so that you can have a realistic expectations of the potential benefits and the risks involved with any procedure you are considering.

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